Past Projects

Autoregulation in Traumatic Brain Injury

Monitoring intracranial parameters such as cerebral blood flow, and identification of prognostic cerebral blood flow dynamics may lead to improved treatment earlier in recovery and may further aid prevention of secondary injuries. In collaboration with neurosurgeons at UNM, we are developing techniques for the rigorous analysis of intracranial parameters, through careful application and tailoring of techniques in signal processing and system identification. Our goal is to identify potential biomarkers that may be useful as an early indicator of patient outcome. Accurate predictive capabilities may help guide earlier treatment for preventing secondary injuries.

Collaborative Control of Human-Automation Systems

In semi-automated systems, mismatches between automation intent and user intent can cause “fighting” and other undesirable behavior. We are extending reachability-based tools to provide assurances of safety in human-automation systems (deterministic and stochastic).